Giving Back

At Rapid Care First Aid, we are committed to making a positive impact beyond providing essential first aid resources. Our "Giving Back" initiative embodies our dedication to community welfare. We actively engage in partnerships with local organizations, supporting health and safety workshops, and donating life-saving supplies to underserved areas. Through these endeavors, we strive to empower individuals with life-saving skills and resources, extending our mission of prompt and effective care to all corners of society. Because at Rapid Care First Aid, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to lead a safer and healthier life.

The Gotcha Project

GOTCHA is a team of philanthropic individuals on a mission to inspire Americans to “Get Off The Couch & Heal America” (GOTCHA). It is the goal of GOTCHA to have Americans be more aware and involved in the needs of the people in their own community, city, state, and country.

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Agape Children's Village

ACV is dedicated to the children, to the surrounding community, and most importantly, to God. We employ Ugandans who, with the help of missionaries and international volunteers, keep ACV a healthy and happy home for our children.

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